Our Staff

Currently, we are situated in Constitution Street, District Six. We have a staff compliment of 18. Our school is open to all.  Thus we have both muslim and non-muslim learners.


We are also fortunate to have an Elsen educator who assists learners with learning difficulties/barriers.


We also have a parent volunteer at school who prepares lovely warm food daily for our school feeding scheme.  The school feeding scheme is food provided by the RDP fund and children are given a warm meal on a daily basis.  The food is intended for the underprivileged learners, but I promise you, the food smells and tastes so lovely that every child wants to go and eat.




Seated (L-R): Y. Samuels (Islamic Studies); Z. Moerat (Secretary); S.Jaffer(Deputy Principal); A. Rawoot (Principal); A.Daliath (Senior Phase Head of Department); R. Ariefdien (Foundation Phase Head of Department); F. Hoosain.
Middle (L-R): F. Saville; M.S.Hartley; I. Joubert; N.Davids; N.Jabaar (Islamic Studies); I. Louw (Elsen); J. Osman; K. Isaacs; R. Bailey;  N. Ariefdien ( Foreman)    
Back (L-R): S. Abrahams; R. Cassiem; N. Bassardien; T. Solomons; D.R.Chetty; K. Bruckner; W. Sydow; S. Ismail; F. Bester